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Sapphic Project
The Sapphic Project is an on-going senior capstone project by Graphic Design student, Rowan Vogel, at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.
In Progress
All of the work here is a work in progress. This is a journey to establish a visual identity.
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Sapphic people rarely have space dedicated to them despite each group under the LGBTQ+ facing unique difficulties. Our representation in widespread consumed forms of media are overly sexualized and made to be viewed through a male lens. More often than not, this representation contains infidelity, highly sexual, and even predatory themes. Every gender experiences oppression differently, and oftentimes there’s no space for sapphics alone.
I am creating a visual identity that is void of those stereotypes. This will allow a more comfortable environment for those coming of age or in their early adult years to form an accepting relationship within themselves and their sexuality; to understand that the influences formed by the skewed representation of sapphics do not necessarily mean that they should fall into the same category. I will work towards establishing a digital space where the defining trait of being sapphic isn’t made to be anything other than what it is: just two individuals, viewed to exist as is.